Intimate Love Divine

Two Eagles soaring








Oh, the wonders of that blood,

That washes and cleanses our souls,

In His Spirit from above,

Fanning us like burning coals,

In God’s eternal love.


There was a time long before,

We were considered not a people,

Struggling in the house of the whore,

Those buildings with tall steeples.


With tender love Jesus found us,

Calling us unto Himself,

“Be washed in my blood you must”

And rescued us from isolation’s shelf.


Oh, the joy of fellowship divine,

We have found with Him within.

Oh, this wondrous love sublime,

We share with those freed from sin.


To some “intimacy” is a word to fear,

As with the Pharisees of old.

To others it is a joy so near,

These to whom He bids, “Enter bold.”


“Too heavenly minded,

To be earthly good,” they said.

In self-righteousness they are blinded,

To these we have this to say,

“You are the ones who are binded.”


With Christ and Father we are one,

That is the eternal key.

To find most intimate love in them,

And knowing what it means to be we,

A people bound in ONE big family – intimately.

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5 comments on “Intimate Love Divine

  1. kenneth dawson says:

    very beautiful–thanks


  2. Pat Orr says:

    If we could force intimacy, I’m sure that I would. I long for the intimacy that Jesus paid the price for us to have. I thought as I read the piece that I need the Holy Spirit to lead me to the place in God that I can not go on my own. I believe that He will.

    Thank you for the inspiration.


    • Dear Pat,

      “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart!” If Jesus is our delight, doesn’t it stand to reason that HE is our hearts desire? And if so, He has promised to Give Himself totally to us and accept us in the Beloved.

      Thanks, Pat for sharing your heart with us.


  3. Love your poem! Beautifully written, Michael. 😉


    • Thanks, Susanne. I looked up poetic structures and I guess the form, though not followed strictly by me, was that of a sonnet. I like the poems that I have read of yours as well, dear sister.


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