Transparency and Light

woman_rising in lightContinuing on the theme of God’s Light, I found this by T. Austin-Sparks that I wanted to share…

God is light and in Him is no darkness at all. (1 John 1:5)

Light is transparency; light is clearness; light is absolute purity; light is honesty; light is openness of character. Light hides nothing; its whole action and nature is contrary to hiding anything. It has nothing to hide; it shows everything; it shows all: in other words, it is not deceitful. It does not want to cover anything, or to pretend or make believe that something is other than what it is. Light is single; it is not double; there is no duplicity about light. And light is just – light! There is “no darkness at all” where there is light…. How many shades and aspects of darkness there are! – a whole vocabulary of words. The Spirit has come to bring all that to an end by applying the Cross, in which it was all brought to an end in the Person of the Lord Jesus; to work out the meaning of the Cross in our lives, so that everything that belongs to that kingdom of darkness is removed: so that in the end, with us too, there is no darkness at all. Is that really what we think of, when we think of having, receiving, and being filled with the Holy Spirit? Here again, perhaps, a little re-shaping of our ideas is called for. It is true that He is many other things, as well as light: He is the Spirit of Power, He is the Spirit of Wisdom; yes, He is many other things; but, with them all, He is this. And we must not make more of those “demonstration” aspects of the Spirit, in power, in gifts and capacities, in works, than we do of His character side. If He really does His work in you and in me, He will make us to be people who can bear to be “looked into” without any fear, without any drawing of the blinds. Our lives and our motives will bear looking into.

By T. Austin-Sparks from: The Holy Spirit, the Church, and the Nations – Chapter 5


10 comments on “Transparency and Light

  1. Ken Burgess says:

    Michael, I don’t know if you intended to repeat this but it is like this on Facebook also.

    Bless you brother,

    In HiM


    • Ken, I post a Facebook notice on my wall every time I post a new one on the blog. Not all the folks on there get notices from the blog when I post. Sorry about the redundancy, my friend. We will be back down in Houston for our granddaughter’s wedding in the first part of August. I hope we can connect with you this time when we get down there.


      • OH! Ken, now I see what you were talking about.. I thought you meant that Sparks had said something that I has shared in the previous post. I got it fixed now. Thanks.


  2. Kennth Dawson says:

    Yes I have read many of Austin’s books and I get emails daily from his a matter of fact I go to a little gathering here in tulsa,ok called Emmanuel church that sends out T. Austin Sparks books out all over the world for free..he is always very right-on in what he says and so are you’s interesting that as I read your post this morning they sent me an email from the very same chapter of his I think I should pay very much attention to this subject..also thanks for your books you have sent me for free..very good.


    • Kenneth,
      I have ordered books from the Emmanuel group in the past. The last time was about a year ago. My wife and I got within about sixty miles of there about 3 years ago while we were on a road trip. I’m Sorry I didn’t drive on up there and look in on you folks. Maybe we can in the future. We are looking into getting a second home established in Texas (kids and grands down there)… shopping right now on the internet, looking for some rural property north of Houston. If we get a base established down there we will be sure to drive up your way, my brother, and meet all you folks.
      Have you met Lynette Woods of New Zealand who posts Sparks’ books and articles on the internet? She is a dear saint that has been doing a great work for us all in sending out these mailings and putting up and adding to daily. The Spirit has told me many of the things that Sparks has written, but I will never have the full depth that he seems to have had while he was with us on earth. Sad that I wasn’t yet walking with the Lord when Sparks, Watchman Nee and others were still alive. We lost some great teachers in the last century that don’t seem to be getting replace in this one. Thanks for writing, my brother!


      • Kennth Dawson says:

        No I’ve never met her but our group in tulsa is in touch with her and we always get prayer requests concerning her…yes mr. Sparks set me straight on a lot of issues right when I needed it..I came into his writings when I lived in Florida and was reading some writings of Gene Edwards.


      • Were you at Jacksonville, at what Gene called, “The Greatest Show on Earth?” Glad you have moved on further toward the High calling of Christ, my brother.


  3. Mishayah says:

    Hello Michael
    I’ve visited your blog a few times, and I thought perhaps, you might be interested in this post I just put over on mine, it’s called ‘Follow me.’ Yeah, I was a little flat in places, but what the hay, if you listen to all the post, you may find it quite interesting.


  4. Mike Messer says:

    Wonderful post my brother!! So beautiful!!


  5. Pat Orr says:

    Sparks’s description of light describes Jesus. I love it(HIM). I read many scriptures on light over the weekend. Truly, Jesus is the true light. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Knowing that satan can transform himself into an angel of light (2 Cor. 11:14), LORD, cause us to not be deceived.

    Brother, thank you for letting your light shine.


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