When God Speaks

I believe this vision Susanne Schuberth (Germany) saw is a prophetic vision for this hour. It would be wise to take heed. The time is short and God’s judgment begins in the house of the Lord.

Entering the Promised Land


Just yesterday during my prayer time I had a short vision of Jesus Christ I want to share with you. To start off with, I know that there are false visions and dreams of which we might think they were from God, yet they were not. The enemy is able to produce all kinds of misleading stuff that might seem to have come from God and Jesus Christ. However, if God really shares a message with us, it won’t leave us unaffected, to say the least. From reading the prophets of the Old Testament, we might have realized that they did not always like it at first when the Lord had told them to speak up for Him. Sometimes it was even the contrary! If we think of Jonah, for instance, he actually ran away from the presence of the Lord.

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2 comments on “When God Speaks

  1. Michael says:

    Thanks for yielding to God’s Spirit and sharing your vision with us, Susanne.

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