Listening = Love

Here is something shared by a dear sister that many of us need to take to heart… the art of listening.

6 comments on “Listening = Love

  1. Kennth Dawson says:

    The lord is always telling me to shut up because all I do is complain or I want to argue with Him or someone else so I have been learning to listen and then my response is so much better.kind of reminds me of what it means to wait upon the Lord.

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  2. Michael says:

    He confronted me with this verse years ago, “A fool utters all his mind: but a wise man keeps it in till afterwards.” (Proverbs 29:11 KJ2000). I was wondering when the “afterwards” would be for I was always one to say whatever came to mind. He said, “A wise man only speaks AFTER all the fools are through talking.” Talk about instant conviction!

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  3. Pat Orr says:

    I wasn’t sure what Christina was saying as opposed to when she was quoting Henri Nouwen. However, I liked it all. Only a few years before Nouwen died I had the privilege of being in a gathering to hear him speak. I don’t remember what he said, but I do remember it was a joy to hear him.

    I pray that we truly learn to listen for the benefit of the person speaking. If I am not careful I can be guilty of doing whatever I do for my benefit. Listening for my benefit is not the best motive. I want to listen for the love of the speaker. I also pray that I could be motivated to speak for the love of the listener. Being motivated by love, yes, yes. that is my prayer

    In His love,
    Pat Orr

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    • Michael says:

      Thanks for adding your thoughts to this Pat… I KNOW I have so much further to go in this matter and know that only the work of His cross in my heart will get me there. Less of me and more of Him.

      Love you too, my sister.

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