Worth the Fight… Extending Inner Quietness

Very good, Susanne. To know quietness within as only Christ can give in the midst of chaos, THAT is a miracle. “Peace I give unto you…peace that surpasses all understanding.” Again it is the refining in less than ideal circumstances that God uses to work His Son’s life in us.

Entering the Promised Land

Last week I felt a strong nudge to get closer to God and to let go of more and more, partly self-imposed, duties. As a woman, you might know how difficult it is to get rid of old habits and of letting go to care for others (more than they really need it) in order to meet EVERY expectation perfectly. I have also been used to care for my body daily and I sensed that my exhausting workouts tend to make my life more and more burdened. However, I could not get rid of swimming ‘the English Channel’, so to speak. 😉 I do know that I am no longer twenty or thirty and therefore I had begun to take at least one break during the day some years ago. Mostly after dinner I spend time in bed praying. Admittedly, sometimes I fall asleep because of exhaustion. 😉

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Prayerlessness profits nothing

I wanted to share this article about the importance of prayer by Susanne Schuberth because without prayer I would have never come into this wonderful enlarging of my heart filled with the love of God for all (see my previous blog article) without first spending time with our Father and Jesus in meaningful prayer. Thank you Susanne for your wonderful insights that have come from pursuing our Father in your life. mdc

After midnight and just before going to bed I often read T. Austin Sparks’ daily devotional. Sometimes his words strike me so that I need to copy and paste them, knowing that might turn out another…

Source: Prayerlessness profits nothing

Within the Stillness of our Being… (updated November 14, 2016 from Entering in the Promised Land)


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Susanne wrote,

November 14, 2016 I thought I could repost this article from 2015 as a featured post in front of all others because I hope that others might be helped, too, when they are reminded of how we can mor…

Source: Within the Stillness of our Being… (updated November 14, 2016)

I am glad she brought this to our  attention again. It really was an encouragement as to what God is doing in my life! mdc

On how to discern the Antichrist or… The Body without its Head is dead

When we as bloggers moderate comments that are a mixture of spirit and flesh or are totally divisive in nature, Susanne has shown how Psalm One applies. Here in this article she shows how easy it is to partake in the sin and council of the ungodly, give them a place to make their stand on our blogs and how we can eventually sit down with them in agreement in their wickedness against the gospel of Christ. Oh how important it is as followers of Christ to walk in Spirit AND in truth!

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

This blog article by Susanne Schuberth brought back to mind the nature of her near death experience and how it changed her life and the lives of others with similar experiences, forever. All the things of this world have grown dim in comparison to the marvelous light of the love and knowledge she has found IN Christ. Oh, Father, may we all find this deep hunger for you and your heavenly places IN Christ. Amen