On the Consistency of Thought and Deed

Thank you, Susanne Schuberth for reminding us how important it is to speak and act only by the Spirit of God for therein God commands a blessing!

Entering the Promised Land

Picture credits http://stores.jkmstore.org/spirits-that-hinder-the-flow-of-god-in-your-life-mp3/Picture credits http://stores.jkmstore.org/spirits-that-hinder-the-flow-of-god-in-your-life-mp3/

Michael Clark and I wrote this blog post together, once again. As it has often been the case, I, Susanne, start with writing and share my thoughts on a certain topic with Michael and then God gives us a confirmation about writing another joint article.

Can you force yourself to seemingly like what you basically do not like? What a strange question, Susanne! 🙄 I need to admit that I can’t do it any longer although I tried. My heart won’t let me deceive myself anymore. Even if I like or love someone, I cannot like nor love what they do when their twisted thinking and doing contradicts the truth revealed in Christ. Not that I stop loving them, but my heart is grieved, often very deeply grieved. That hurts a lot indeed! 😦 In the past, I tried to do the impossible, that is, to encourage…

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One comment on “On the Consistency of Thought and Deed

  1. You’re so welcome, Michael. Thank YOU for your very inspiring input in this joint article of ours! ⭐

    You are a blessing, my brother! 🐱

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